About Anexia

Anexia was founded by Alexander Windbichler as a conventional internet service provider in June 2006. In recent years, Anexia has developed into a stable, successful company with renowned clients around the globe and offices in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Munich, Cologne and New York City. We offer our clients quality, customized solutions for web and managed hosting as well as individual software and app development.

Peering policy

Anexia has an open peering policy if the following requirements are met:

Peering Details

Autonomous System AS47147
Prefix Limit 10000 (v4) / 2500 (v6)
24/7 NOC noc@anexia-it.com (phone no. for customers only)
Peering details http://as47147.peeringdb.com
Looking Glass https://lg.anexia-it.com

ANX Group ASNs

AS47147 Anexia Backbone / European 100G based backbone connecting Vienna, Klagenfurt, Frankfurt and Nuremberg.
AS42473 Anexia World Wide Cloud / In Europe visible behind AS47147, worldwide connected to different upstreams.
AS42388 Anexia CloudDNS / Worldwide anycast network for Anexia CloudDNS product.
AS197540 Netcup / Datacenter ASN for our mass hosting platform Netcup.
AS42360 SSP Europe / Anexia subsidiary in Nuremberg, Germany.

Network Policy